Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The "boardroom"

Typically when we think of a boardroom we picture a huge table with business men and women, all in suits, discussing business strategy - Right? 


Our "boardroom" here at Girls and Giggles isn't quite the same. It changes everyday actually, and sometimes every hour! Haha. We frequently have our "boardroom" meetings at the pool, or at the gym after a workout. We've even had "boardroom" meetings at the grocery store while pushing our carts side by side often times throwing groceries in at random, all the while saying, "Stay out of the middle of the aisle, no we're not buying candy, who put this in the cart please don't touch the blood from the cow tongue..." You get the point. Trying to start a successful business while raising all of our amazing kids is hard work. Sometimes we just have to bust out with a crazy dance move or song just to laugh. After all that's what our company is all about - reminding women to have fun!

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